How to Use TikTok as an Effective Outreach/Branding Tool for Church

TikTok can be used to entertain, create, and interact with others. But can it be used for an even bigger purpose–to reach out to others with the message of the Gospel? We'll show you how!

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There’s a saying that if you have to ask how to use TikTok, then you probably shouldn’t be using TikTok.

We respectfully disagree.

At Tithely, we’re all about learning to use technology to make the most of church. Maybe you’ve never used TikTok, or maybe only your kids use TikTok.

Heck, maybe you’ve never even heard of TikTok.

In the following ebook, we’re going to give you some insight on how to use the social media/video platform as a tool for your church.

The ultimate goal?

Build community, spread awareness about your church, and most importantly, share truth with a world that needs it.

Don’t be afraid to preach on TikTok. There are plenty of Christian users–including teenagers and Gen Z-ers–who use the platform to speak truth, discuss Scripture, and encourage others.

In this resource, you’ll find:

How Churches Can Use TikTok for Outreach


How Churches Can Use TikTok for Branding


Tips for TikTok


Ready to take the plunge into TikTok? Download our guide for some tips to consider before getting started.