How to Switch Church Giving Providers [GUIDE]

An easy plan for shifting to a new online donation platform in just 3 months.

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With so many giving providers available for churches, you may find yourself stuck with one that you started using a long time ago and has since fallen by the wayside.

And although you've wanted to switch platforms, the thought of transitioning your whole church has felt overwhelming and intimidating.

Today, we want to help!

With this free guide, we'll walk you through how to easily and effectively transition your church and it's members to a new giving platform with ease.

Don't get stuck using an outdated, expensive giving platform when there are so many amazing alternatives available, like Tithely.

Shifting to a new giving platform?We’re here to help you make the change with ease.

In this resource, you’ll find:

A plan to help you shift to a new giving platform

How to help your recurring givers make the switch

How to get your church members excited about giving again

This free guide will help your church make the switch to a new giving provider with ease!