8 Ways to Reach Gen Z
with Technology

In this resource, we’ll take a look at who Gen Z are, what they’re like, and how to use technology to reach them with the Gospel

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Most Gen Z-ers find identity–and information–on the Internet.

If you want to reach younger church members (probably a good idea), you’d better be prepared to do it with technology.

Technology usage can get a bad rap. Too much screen time, immoral content on the Internet, and unhealthy influence from social media can cause older generations, parents, and churches to give up on technology altogether.

While the downsides of technology may be real, that’s all the more reason to reach Gen Z-ers right where they’re at–on their mobile devices, the Internet, and social media.

The truth is, the church has an incredible opportunity for connecting with an entire generation that’s looking for community and hope.

All church leaders need is a bit of strategy and the right tools.

Gen Z uses technology a lot. They communicate, create, connect, learn, and buy online. They spend a lot of their time on their phones...and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

In this resource, you’ll find:

What is Gen Z, exactly?


8 ways to reach Gen Z with technology


Building a future with Gen Z


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